You agree that information obtained through Buckeye Legal Investigations will only be used for the purpose of: 1) a commonly recognized business use whereby the business for which you seek the information has a pre-existing business relationship with the subject of the inquiry; or 2) a use which will clearly cause no emotional, physical or financial harm to any person or company, organization or third party which is subject to the inquiry; or 3) a use that is relevant to the subject matter of a documented civil or criminal action.

You agree to indemnify Buckeye Legal Investigations and its suppliers, employees and officers for all damages, claims, or losses suffered by Buckeye Legal Investigations as a result of possible claims by third parties relating to use of the data provided by Buckeye Legal Investigations. Although Buckeye Legal Investigations is not a consumer reporting agency, we continue to promote responsible use of the information that we provide. Therefore we state to you the viewer or user that “Data obtained from Buckeye Legal Investigations should not be used in part or whole to determine a consumer’s eligibility for credit, employment, insurance or any other purpose for which a consumer report would be obtained, except in connection with collection of a debt. If adverse action is to be taken against the consumer data subject and the information to be used has been obtained from Buckeye Legal Investigations, it must be verified from another source prior to adverse action. This data should be used for lead information only.”

Buckeye Legal Investigations shall be indemnified from any and all claims and consequences arising out of found or not found information. Buyer assumes all related legal liability, and by ordering from Buckeye Legal Investigations consents to waive all claims against Buckeye Legal Investigations resulting from searches.

Buckeye Legal Investigations cannot and does not make any guaranties as to the results of search. Because Buckeye Legal Investigations cannot reasonably be expected to obtain information for false, erroneous, or unreasonably difficult requests (i.e. requests about people that don’t exist, or are fugitives of the law, or are deceased, or requests about telephone ownership of people who don’t own or use a phone, or address updates on people that haven’t moved, etc.), customers are billed for search requests only, and not for the results of the searches. All searches on a best effort basis only. No refunds, exchanges, or credit. Buckeye Legal Investigations supports anti-stalking laws. Please be advised that it is against the law to use the information obtained from Buckeye Legal Investigations to stalk or harass others. Buckeye Legal Investigations will not sell or provide information to individuals who do not agree to its legal use or are under the age of 18 by law.