Investigative hourly rates vary, depending on the type of case and safety risks involved. Domestic/Civil cases are $70.00 per hour. Criminal cases, to include Capital cases and Mitigation support services are $85.00 per hour.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:


Private Investigation

General and specialized investigative services for civil, criminal and domestic cases, such as evidence gathering; witness interviews; surveillance; photography and video support; divorce; infidelity; child custody; alimony and cohabitation evidence; locating hard and missing persons; criminal defense and mitigation investigations; wrongfully accused and more.

Process Servers

Dependable, timely and reliable to serve subpoenas, summons, eviction notices and miscellaneous legal documents for attorneys, government agencies, landlords and private individuals and businesses. Buckeye Legal Investigations is a proud member of Napps.Org, “The National Association of Private Process Servers.”

Skip Tracing

Find bad debtors and those that owe you money, but are concealing their whereabouts and current address.

Stalker cases

BLI provides assistance with harassment and stalker cases. Not sure who is following you? We can find out and document their activities in order for you to prove your case. “Stalking the Stalker” is something we do very well.


Constant monitoring of activities of a person, place or thing. Business and residential surveillance as long as it is for legitimate and/or legal purposes such as: lounge and bartender checks, employee performance evaluation, mystery shopper evaluations; infidelity checks; alimony and cohabitation evidence gathering; divorce cases and more.

Pre-employment screening

Background and record checks for employers reduce your liabilities and provide you with the ability to hire only the best and dependable employees.

Witness Interviews

Documentation of sworn statements and/or affidavits for litigation support purposes and pre-trial preparation.

Juvenile Checks

Concerned parents? Anonymously and discreetly check on your child/teenagers activities with surveillance documentation.

Runaway Teens

Locate and determine the well being of a runaway child and coordinate with local authorities if/when necessary, missing and exploited children cases etc.

Insurance Fraud

Determine the validity of insurance claims to include personal injury cases, property damage and other any other types of claims that may require investigation for verification purposes or to prove fraudulent claims.

Missing Persons

Locate missing or hard to find persons, estate heirs, parental kidnapping cases, national and worldwide investigative assistance and referrals.

Anonymous Employee Checks

Business owners, have you ever wondered how your employees perform or behave while you are not around? Our anonymous employee checks, mystery shopper/customer evaluations can provide you with the answers you need to know.

“Be your own investigator” Consultations

If you need an investigation or have to check something out, but are unsure of the best way to go about it, BLI will provide an “investigative recommendation consultation” at a reasonable cost. These types of consultations are available for those with a need, but are on a very limited budget.