Do you have suspicion that your employees are not following the policies and procedures of your organization? Our anonymous employee check services can help you find the weak performers and make the decisions necessary to implement changes. Our investigators are discreet, thorough, and effective.

Our experienced “Mystery Shoppers”, posing as customers and interacting with your employees can observe, evaluate and report compliance or non-compliance actions that are not up to the company standards.

With our anonymous employee checks, mystery shopper/customer evaluations, we can determine whether a salesperson is giving unauthorized discounts or ringing up partial orders, or your bartender is giving away your liquor. We can also tell you whether they act professionally, and give service based upon the points you ask us to review.

Items our Anonymous Employee Checks/Mystery and Secret Shopper Services can assist you with:

  • Alcohol/Tobacco Legal Compliance
  • Standards of Professionalism
  • Employee Attitude Evaluation
  • Integrity Audits
  • Marketing Verification
  • Compliance Audits
  • Merchandising Verification
  • Product Pricing
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Sales & Service Evaluations
  • Hospitality, Quality, Speed, Cleanliness Evaluations
  • Anything you need to know about what happens when you’re not there.

Is there an area of your business, or the customer service your employees provide that needs some scrutiny? We will customize our anonymous employee checks, mystery shopper/customer evaluations to your specific needs.